Our Upcoming Tax Webinars

A Safer Retirement Education™ is a dedicated educational resource to help individuals and families prepare for their retirement.

Backed by Decker Retirement Planning, these online courses are built to help all that take at least one course be able to
walk away with tangible information that they can implement today for Safer Retirement™.

When you look at tax efficiencies, or tax minimization strategies, what is your time horizon? Is it just this year? Is it this year and the next five years? What if we told you that you could implement tax minimization strategies for the next 30 years that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout your retirement? Yes, it is possible. That is why we developed this class!

Tax efficient strategies, when implemented correctly, could open up more income for you. On top of that, when you pass, there can be significant savings passed on to your beneficiaries.

This class address the following topics:

  • Learn about IRA to Roth Conversions
  • Learn about the retirement tax traps like Required Minimum Distributions and how to help avoid them
  • Learn about how to plan for near zero taxes within 10-15 years of today

This class is built for the high net worth client. However, all students should be able to walk away from this class with an actionable plan that can be implemented right away. Don’t paint yourself into a tax corner and be forced to pay more than you need. This class is designed to help you receive more income in your retirement and be able to pass more assets to your beneficiaries.


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