Our Upcoming Social Security Webinars

A Safer Retirement Education™ is a dedicated educational resource to help individuals and families prepare for their retirement.

Backed by Decker Retirement Planning, these online courses are built to help all that take at least one course be able to
walk away with tangible information that they can implement today for Safer Retirement™.

You have been contributing to the Social Security program your entire life. With 567 ways you can file and collect your Social Security, understanding what is best for you can be difficult.*

Social Security experts, by themselves, are not able to focus on the entire picture of your retirement plan. Financial Professionals seem to lack the understanding needed to fully leverage Social Security in your retirement plan.

If your intention is the get the highest dollar amount out of your Social Security, chances are, you should just wait until 70 and then file. If your goal in your retirement planning is to have the highest income possible, based on your appropriate suitability, then defaulting to file at 70 years old may not be your best option.

This class address the following topics:

  • Learn different ways that you can file that many don’t know
  • Learn how Social Security can help maximize your overall retirement income (hint: filing at 70 is not always the answer)
  • Understanding the importance of time value of money
  • Learn how taxes play a significant part in how you should file

This class is built for those who don’t want to leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. It is built for those who want to leave the guessing game and get transparency and clarity when it comes to retirement planning. Students should be able to walk away with tangible knowledge that can increase their retirement income, reduce their risk, and enjoySafer Retirement™.

*Sourced from BankRate.com


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