Pumpkin spice your life! Enjoy a full day of all things pumpkin that your grandchildren will never forget.


Did you know that approximately 80% of the nation’s pumpkin supply is available in October? Cue the pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin spice lattes! To celebrate the season, here is a creative itinerary for a festive day of pumpkin-inspired activities to enjoy with your grandkids.


Start the day with a healthy pumpkin spice breakfast.

You can pumpkin spice nearly anything these days. For starters, splash some pumpkin spice flavored creamer into your coffee. You can even add some to hot chocolate for the kiddos to enjoy with you. Pumpkin is packed full of vitamin A and potassium and is delicious when mixed into your favorite breakfast foods such as pancakes, yogurt parfaits, and oatmeal.

Take some old fashioned oats, and follow the stovetop directions on the box . Consider replacing the water with a milk of your choice for added creaminess (such as almond milk). Add in ¼ cup of pumpkin puree, a few dashes of pumpkin spice seasoning, and a few tablespoons of honey to taste. For protein, add a tablespoon or two of your favorite nut butter. Stir all ingredients together in a saucepan over low to medium heat until your oatmeal has reached your desired thickness level. Serve in bowls, and enjoy!

For a little extra something, consider setting up a toppings bar for your grandkids to garnish their oatmeal themselves. Fill small bowls with treats like sliced toasted almonds, apple slices with cinnamon, and even mini chocolate chips! A fun yet nutritious homemade pumpkin oatmeal filled with fiber, vitamins, and protein to fuel your eager grandchildren for the long day ahead.


Visit a pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patches are some of the most festive places to achieve the full autumn experience. Stroll around, and pick the perfect pumpkins for decorating. Make sure to take lots of photos to capture the pure joy on your grandchildren’s faces as they run up and down the rows of pumpkins searching for their favorite one.


Carve or paint the pumpkins you’ve picked.

Pumpkins weren’t always the fruit of choice (yes, pumpkins are fruit!) when it comes to carving decorative lanterns. In fact, the Irish first used beets, parsnips, and potatoes to create jack-o-lanterns before they discovered how much easier it is to cut shapes into a pumpkin. Sculpt a funny face that makes your grandchildren smile, or even create your version of a spooky cat.

If carving pumpkins isn’t your forte (it can be difficult and pretty messy) try painting them as an alternative. Help your grandchildren paint their favorite characters, or even cover the pumpkin in abstract colors to create a unique design. Get inspired by your grandchildren’s imaginations, and let your inner artist shine through!

Pumpkin painting tip: Mix a little glue with the acrylic paint to help it adhere to the squash and last longer.


Bake the pumpkin seeds for a healthy, protein-packed snack.

Essentially, every part of the pumpkin is edible – even the flowers! After carving out the inside of your pumpkins, don’t waste the approximately 300+ seeds that occupy the inside of each one. Instead, place the scooped-out seeds in a strainer, rinse until clean, and lay flat to dry on paper towels. Once completely dried out, place the seeds on a baking sheet and toss with kosher salt and pumpkin spice seasoning (for an optional kick, a dash of cayenne pepper would be great on these). Bake at 250 degrees for about 45 minutes or until golden brown. The perfect post-pumpkin carving snack that whole family will enjoy.


End the day with pumpkin spice apple cider and seasonal books or movies.

Did you know Cinderella is credited with inventing the word “pumpkin?” Before the fairytale spoke the word into existence, a French explorer named the squash “gros melons” in the late 1500s, which translates as “pompions” in English. In Cinderella’s honor, watch the enchanting movie with your grandchildren, or read them the fairytale if you’re trying to cut down screen time. Whichever one you choose, they’ll be delighted when the pumpkins come to life. Warm up some apple cider, mix in some pumpkin spice seasoning, and wind down after your eventful day.

Happy October, and enjoy the season!

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