Gabby Persons

Gabby Persons graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in History and is an alumni of the Delta Eta Chapter of Kappa Kapp Gamma. Originally from Boise, Idaho, she currently resides in Salt Lake City with her boyfriend and two dogs.

Throughout her professional career, Gabby has served in managerial and customer service oriented jobs; with seven years specifically working with non-profit organizations followed by a brief stint in radio. Gabby loves working in a job that allows her to connect with people professionally and personally. Working for Decker Retirement Planning gives her the pride and satisfaction of knowing that the services we provide help people achieve their goals and dreams, retiring in comfort.

A voracious reader, Gabby always has a great book recommendation up her sleeve. Some of her hobbies include photography, running, cooking, embroidery, and eating french fries (the ultimate guilty pleasure). Her immense love for history has fueled her travel bug, giving her the desire to travel the world and see history first-hand; experiencing other languages, food, cultures, and people. However, when she’s not far away from home on an adventure, you can find Gabby by the lake on most sunny days, boating, paddle boarding, and soaking up the sun.

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