Our Upcoming Income Planning Webinars

A Safer Retirement Education™ is a dedicated educational resource to help individuals and families prepare for their retirement.

Backed by Decker Retirement Planning, these online courses are built to help all that take at least one course be able to
walk away with tangible information that they can implement today for Safer Retirement™.

Let’s face it, you have done a good job accumulating wealth. That is why you are here. Accumulating wealth, though, is very different, financially speaking, than distributing wealth. Understanding how much you can spend in retirement is only a part of the battle. There is so much more that you should discuss and understand when building a retirement plan that you can depend on.

Retirement Income is our course that takes all types of retirement needs and teaches the fundamental principles that govern a proper retirement plan. These are the principles that were used to help clients sail through the 2008 financial crisis, unaffected. There was a small group of individuals who planned right and didn’t even have to change their travel plans when 2008 rolled around… and that can be you. Many students that take this class realize that they can retire earlier, and also may be able to take more income with less risk as well.

This class address the following topics:

  • Learn how to leave the guessing game that comes from a pie chart and get clarity using a distribution plan
  • Discuss the three principles that govern proper retirement planning
  • See how to incorporate all aspects of retirement into one simplified plan
  • Understand what it takes to be like those that sailed through the 2008 financial crisis, unaffected

This class is structured for those who value their life’s savings and don’t want to leave it up to chance. This class is for those who like transparency and enjoy planning ahead. There is no financial degree required. This class is built for all levels of education and experience. Leave the guessing games behind and learn how you can build your dream retirement.


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