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The Decker Approach
A Common Sense Approach To Retirement Planning

When you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties, and early fifties, financial planning advice centers on “save, save, save,” using all the tools in the shed like Roths, IRA contributions, and 401ks with company matching. But, when you’re getting close to retirement and you’ve saved like crazy, what do you do?

In this book, Brian Decker will take you through his six step planning process and show you how you could take your nest egg and use it to systematically create an income stream that you can count on for as long as you live.


Principles That Govern Proper Retirement Planning

The first step toward achieving a successful retirement is not about what’s in your plan—it’s about who helps you create your plan: a fiduciary advisor. Fiduciaries are legally required to put their client’s best interest before their own or their company’s best interest. The fiduciary standard is a higher ethical and moral standard in the finance industry.


A Common Sense Defense to Retirement Planning 

Retirement planning can be a complicated and daunting task. While planning, it’s important to ask the right questions in order to avoid being sold investment strategies guided by commission-driven salespeople.

A Common Sense Defense to Retirement Planning is a playful narrative exploring the major traps people fall into while planning for retirement. This book examines all sides of the retirement planning process while mathematically and objectively showing the best, most reliable principles that can be used in a retirement plan.


Social Security – When Do I File? 

On average, Social Security makes up approximately 38% of an individual’s retirement. With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line throughout your retirement, and a big portion of your retirement income, it makes sense you would want clarity on when you should file for Social Security benefits. Download to help gain clarity on what is best for you while maximizing your Social Security benefits and your retirement income.


Tax Strategies for Retirement
Buckets Create Tax Choices

Retirees can be affected by a variety of taxes — state income taxes, estate taxes and Social Security taxes, to name a few. But the most common tax — the one that all retirees will deal with — is the federal income tax. For this reason, we’ll focus primarily on the federal income tax and its effect on individuals planning for retirement, but be aware that all potential taxes need to be understood and planned for by those who hope to have a financially comfortable retirement.


Lessons on Retiring Strong 

Despite the challenge of replacing income for an indefinite number of years in an ever-changing financial environment, many people have managed to retire strong. Planning and preparation can help people take control of their financial futures and work toward achieving their retirement goals, whatever they may be.
There are commonalities in the playbooks of those who have retired strong, and taking some tips from those who have can help put you on the way to a comfortable retirement of your own!


A Safer Distribution Plan

If you are like most retirees, you have probably asked yourself, “Can I retire?” and ” Will I have enough money to last me in retirement?”. With our math-based, research-focused approach to retirement, our income plan can help answer those questions, and more! With a Safer Distribution Plan, you can get help with deciding when to draw Social Security, understanding how to minimize taxes, and choosing the appropriate level of risk while still getting growth. Want to learn more? Download our sample plan now!


IUL – Indexed Universal Life

You know you should be saving assets for retirement. But do you know all your options for doing so?

We believe how you save is just as important as how much you save. And we want to help you access an approach that benefits you. Our goal is to provide you with a retirement savings option that delivers the important benefits listed here. This brochure will help you understand the value of these benefits and how this approach can help deliver them.


Debt worksheet

Planning on paying off debt? Check out our debt worksheet to get help strategizing your plan of attack. Click to view and download our complimentary debt worksheet.


A Safer Retirement™

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