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The Secure Act - What you need to know
Brian Decker, Owner and Founder of Decker Retirement Planning joined Nicea DeGering on ABC4 Utah's Good Things Utah show to talk about the SECURE Act and give our viewers a few tips about what they need to know to be successful.

Brian tells us that the SECURE Act is an acronym that stands for: Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement. It was signed into law in December 2019 and effectively made some changes to many retirement plans. As we all know, any new legislation is often confusing at first glance.

Brian Decker tells us that he is having three conversations with the people he comes in contact with right now about The SECURE Act.

- You might want to reconsider passing on your IRA to your children or grandchildren.
- Americans’ increased life expectancy has affected the age you have to start taking required minimum distributions.
- Understand how new IRA guidelines could work in your favor when working beyond traditional retirement thresholds.

One thing that Decker Retirement Planning would like viewers to take away about the SECURE Act is that this is new legislation that could affect your retirement savings. Take the time now to understand what it is, so you are not surprised later on.

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