I got this email from a client this week:


“Bad luck — had a cap on my tooth break off three days ago. Went to the dentist yesterday, and I thought it could be cemented back on. However, he said 1/4 of the tooth remains in the cap. Two options: entire root canal, then post, then buildup, and another cap/crown – total at the dentist would be $4000, or an implant for $5000. I had an implant for $5000 about 3 years ago. So I wrote to a retired mathematician friend (Lou) a Facebook friend, and he said he had 4 implants done, and his Dentist said it will cost you about $20,000.

So he went to a University Dental School and got all 4 done for $4,000, saving $16,000!! He said at these university dental schools, they have 3rd and 4th year students ready to graduate in oral surgery that are overseen by an oral surgeon. He strongly suggested to check out one in my area. So when I did some research, there are three dental universities. I called and they will call me back for a consultation, which is $90, and she said the implant is only $825. So about $1000, just like Lou said. So this is absolutely perfect. They will have to schedule me in so it may take some time. It is premolar no. 5. So when I smile, you can’t see it. Otherwise I would look like I was born in Kentucky! “

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