When it comes to the holidays, few beverages gather the family more than hot chocolate. This year, instead of opening the same ol’ hot chocolate packets, adding them to microwaved water, and sipping away, why not make a memory out of it. Here are our 5 favorite hot chocolate variations that will have the family asking for seconds.


Mexican Hot Chocolate

This may be one of the simpler variations, but it is one of our favorites. Whether you are making hot chocolate from scratch, or just want to spice up the flavor, cinnamon goes very well with all levels of hot chocolate. Simply cook your hot chocolate over the stove with a few cinnamon sticks or dust the top of your hot chocolate after you pour it in your mug to elevate the experience. Our favorite recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate comes from Gimme Some Oven. Check it out!

White Peppermint Hot Chocolate

It is hard not to think about candy cane in December. Though they are found in almost every store, how many of us actually eat them? The candy cane is one of the most awkward sweets to enjoy! Luckily, this recipe lets you enjoy their flavor in a more tasteful way.

This recipe comes from Lil Luna, and can be fun to make. If you have a grandkid around who has a little extra energy, let him/her crush the candy canes before you add them in.

Roasted Chestnut Hot Chocolate

Speaking of holiday clichés, have you ever had chestnuts roasted on the open fire? If not, this is your opportunity to try them… with chocolate! This recipe, from Tasting Table, includes homemade marshmallows. A fun project that takes 7 hours. Don’t let that detour you. The end result may be so good, it ends up being a fun family tradition.

Pretzel Frozen Hot Chocolate

This variation hits all the other variables. It’s vegan. It’s frozen. It’s the healthiest option on here (at least we think so). And it is super tasty! Coming from one of the best vegan chefs on the internet, the Minimalist Baker offers an incredible variation to try for those holiday moments where you may not be cold, but you still want something chocolatey to sip on.

Artisan Hot Chocolate

Last but not least, we have our most complicated and daring variation. The artisan hot chocolate. Have you every considered adding vanilla bean to your chocolate? How about ancho chili powder? Yes, this recipe may seem strange at first, but when you start sipping, it just makes sense.

This recipe is a masterpiece that combines both kinds of hot to an enjoyable beverage that can warm the body and soul. A Cozy Kitchen gets all the credit here, and boy do they deserve it.

In Conclusion

Whether you are in the mountain skiing with the family this holiday season, or you decided to go to Hawaii, there always seems to be a place to enjoy some hot chocolate. We hope you enjoy these recipes and have a wonderful holiday season.

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