Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but is it the most fun? If you’re still eating cold cereal for breakfast when the grandkids visit, you’re missing out. When your eyes are still droopy and your brain is still foggy, there’s nothing like a fun and filling breakfast to set the tone for a fun-filled day! Try some of these creative breakfast ideas that should appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. Here are 5 breakfasts that your grandkids will always remember!


Cereal Waffles

What’s better, your favorite cereal or hot waffles? Who says you have to choose? Make your normal waffle batter and then add in your grandkid’s favorite cereal. You can try anything from lucky charms to coco puffs. It adds a fun new level of experimenting and creativity while combining two favorite meals into one.


Breakfast Sushi

Instead of the normal sticky rice and raw fish approach, take sweet bananas, pour some honey on them, roll them in your grandkids favorite cereal (crushed for better results), and then add berries on top. Cut the banana “roll” into bit size pieces, give them a pair of chop sticks, and let the fun continue. Part of the fun is watching your grandkids try and use chopsticks. Some may get it, while others may end up stabbing the banana and eating it in their own way. Whatever works for them, the fun seems to always be there in the new experience for them.


Blindfold Fruit Bowl

Curiosity is one of the best qualities a kid can have. Making a game out of it adds to the excitement. Take your favorite fruits, pour them into a bowl, blindfold them, and then have them try each bit, one at a time, and try and guess what they are eating. You can add granola and honey to make it taste better, or even make it more difficult as honey can mask the flavor.


Pancake Sketch Art

For this activity, you will need to have a flat skillet and at least two squeeze bottles. Make a thin pancake batter and pour it into two or more different squeeze bottles. Add food coloring to the squeeze bottles and mix so you have the same color consistency. Turn your skillet on to an appropriate temperature (error on the lower temp side so you have more time to draw) and let your grandkids draw their pancakes. Here is a fun examples of simple pancake art. If they are too young, you may want to help outline the design and let them fill the rest.


Breakfast Kabobs

Bite size makes eating so much fun for kids. Bite size on a stick is even more fun. Before you eat, make a batch of French toast and cut each slice of toast into four sections. Put them on a warm serving plate along side bowls of fruit, already cooked sausages, bacon, or whatever else you would like to put on your kabobs. Let your grandkids enjoy putting together their own kabobs. Make sure they are old enough to understand how to handle a pointy stick… we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Once they make their own creation, let them put syrup or other toppings on top and enjoy. This is a great way to eat breakfast at the dinner table, in the back yard, or even at a picnic. Once prepped, this breakfast turns into a fun, interactive way to spend time together while having fun in the process.


In conclusion

We hope you enjoy these creative breakfasts. The small moments, like these, seem to be what sticks with us for the rest of our lives. If you find success in any of these recipes and the memories they created, send us pictures and stories, we’d love to hear about it.

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